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BJU Finishes 2nd in USA in IEEE Xtreme

BJU’s intercollegiate programming teams participated in IEEE Xtreme 14.0 the weekend of October 24.

The contest is an international programming contest that runs for 24 hours. The team of Erick Ross, Elias Watson, and Steven Platt finished second in the USA and 59th overall. Congratulations to these students!

Due to Covid-19 concerns, the students on the team were physically distanced, and one was in isolation during the contest, so the team members had to communicate via MS Teams and cell phones instead of face-to-face.

BJU has competed in the contest for six years. This year’s 59th overall placement is our second best overall finish, and our finishing second in USA is our best showing at the country level. Official rankings are published here:

There were 4557 teams registered and 2230 teams earned at least some points. We are ahead of the best (placing) team of MIT and also NC State.

Professors Ethan McGee and Jim Knisely were proctors for the event.

Published 01/08/2021