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BJU finishes first in programming contest

A BJU intercollegiate programming team took first place in the CCSC:SE programming contest.

CCSC:SE held its annual conference and student contests (virtually) on 22-Jan and 23-Jan. Our students competed in the annual programming contest held as part of the conference. The team of Erick Ross, Steven Platt, and Elias Watson finished first overall.

Ethan McGee and Stephen Schaub helped with the contest software. Ethan and Jim Knisely helped judge problems.

Bob Jones University is scheduled to host the CCSC:SE conference during the weekend of 28-Jan and 29-Jan of 2022.

BJU's teams have finished first in CCSC contests in 2016 (Eastern), and 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021 Southeastern. (The 2020 conference was moved to January 2021.)



Published 01/23/2021