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BJU Programming Contest Results

Congratulations to the winners of the annual programming contest.

  • First place: Garrett Jones (freshman Engineering major)
  • Second place: Kevin Kuhn (junior Computer Science major)
  • Third place: Steven Platt (senior Engineering major)

20 students participated, including two from Bob Jones Academy. Senior Erick Ross, a double major in Math and Computer Science, solved the most problems (he competed on an unofficial basis due to winning the contest in a previous year).

Thanks to recent graduates Samuel Henry, Nathan Collins, Ryan Longacre, Caedmon Evans, and Jacob Brazeal, Jeremiah England, Caroline Seiber, and Zac Hayes, who contributed problems. Several of them also assisted with judging the contest.

Special thanks to Jackson Dawson and VisioStack for their financial support.

See the complete rankings.

Published 03/14/2022