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CS Students Participate in the NSA Challenge

BJU students Erick Ross and Steven Platt, together with 2021 graduate Elias Watson, participated in the NSA’s Challenge Chat on September 8.

Our students were invited to participate in the Chat based on their placement as a top 10 winning team in the NSA's 2021 ICPC NAC Challenge Problem contest. (

The Challenge Chat consisted of a debriefing of the NSA's Ransomware problem and a discussion of strategies used in solving the Challenge Problem. The participants were also given an opportunity to ask questions about life at the NSA. Other schools invited to the Chat included MIT, the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Texas at Austin.

The NSA ICPC NAC Challenge Problem was a virtual challenge given during the week of the ICPC North American Programming Camp. Our students were invited to participate in the camp based on our programming team’s performance in the ICPC contest this spring.

Published 09/09/2021