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Nonprofit seeking help

Local non-profit Big Brothers Big Sisters is seeking some technology help.

Laura Carlson writes: "I am trying to find a student who might be willing to help a local non-profit, Big Brothers Big Sisters, with some technology needs. We are starting Form Assembly to allow our parents the ability to enroll and sign documents via a link to the application rather than paper. I have a template for the applications so that has been going okay, but I think the real issue will be the "connectors" to make it go live. I am not versed in technology and I am the only full time staff member in the Greenville office. Would you have a student who might be willing to help and I would be happy to be a reference if they want to put their assistance on an application? We have had our budget reduced greatly due to COVID and can't really afford to pay someone. Thank you for any help you can provide!"

For more information, contact Laura at

Published 10/06/2020