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Paid IT Help Opportunity

A group of chemo patients are looking for someone to help with technology, mostly computers and cell phones.

G. Wise writes: "We can pay a student to show us how to do some of these things. It would be a great service and ministry.

Some of our questions are :

-why is my cloud full when I haven't added anything? how to access it when we can't remember passwords?

-how do I get my itunes on my new computer?

-can i get Word wtih out buying microsoft office? need to be able to layout letters, flyers and simple documents.

-how to get the tv hooked up to a wifi speaker?

-what email systems are similar to outlook? gmail is not working corretlc, it stacks messages.   how about mail bird?

G Wise  864-906-0123


Published 11/28/2018