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Part-Time Job Opportunity for Students

An elderly Greenville resident would like help learning Word and Powerpoint.

Lewis Young writes:

"I am falling behind in my abilities to use basic functions of word processing and PowerPoint. What I am hoping to find is a person who lives in Greenville, thereby continuing in his/her assistance during the summer, and would become my amanuensis and in the process teach me to do what they are at first doing for me. 

I would pay whatever the "going rate" is for a tutoring service such as I am requesting.  I would anticipate the student preferring a per hour figure.  I have employed students for help in the yard for 40+ years and I have always just paid in cash at the end of the work period. I would prefer for the student to have his/her own transportation and be able to come to my home, which is where my office is located.  We live just off Roper Mt. Road in Huntington subdivision, which is easily reached by either I-385 or coming out E. North Street to the Roper Mt. Road Extension where the medical complex is located.  I would like to start with a 2 hour session for evaluation of what I am able currently to do and let the tutor determine my abilities in comparison to my expectations. Then we would settle on the frequency and duration of the sessions."

If you are interested in helping, contact Lewis by cell (864 346 9427) or email (

Published 02/21/2019